admin December 9, 2020

The twin Voyager of NASA has made another outstanding discovery in interstellar space. The space vehicle identified a new electron burst mechanism, which will explain the phenomena of stars flaring according to the agency’s research reports. These bursts transpired after cosmic-ray electrons deep in the solar system are accelerated by the shock waves emerging from […]

admin November 20, 2020

The subsequent flight of Virgin Galactic to suborbital space won’t occur in the following days after all. The company will arrange the third crewed trial flight of its VSS Unity spaceplane, which had been plagued to take off from Novel spaceport  America in Mexico Spaceport November (19) and November (23), because to roll of COVID-19 […]

admin November 12, 2020

Telesat, a Canadian satellite operator, revealed that it would be listing the companies it has selected to develop satellites to fill up its 298-satellite Telesat LEO constellation. The chief executive of Telesat, Dan Goldberg, explained that they are in the process of finalizing the launch contracts they were filling up with different commercial satellite manufacturers. […]

admin November 1, 2020

A while ago, space exploration company Lockheed Martin announced its intentions to be the first company to use the newly proposed launchpad in Scotland.  The latest news shows that the company decided to shift its operations to an additional spaceport in Scotland.  This announcement comes two years after it released the initial information. According to […]

admin October 25, 2020

Space launched probe, the OSIRIS-REx successfully landed on orbital asteroid Bennu and managed to collect material on the 20th of October. The report came during an address made 24hrs after OSIRIS-REx touched down on the asteroid. The mission s success is excellent news because, according to the report, it went according to plan, comparable to […]