Month: November 2020

admin November 28, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden said that transition to green energy is not easy during the presidential debate, but it’s a journey many countries have to go. In New York City, there is a larger build-up of greenhouse gases from the big transport industry. In America, another source of greenhouse gas comes from power production. For the […]

admin November 20, 2020

The subsequent flight of Virgin Galactic to suborbital space won’t occur in the following days after all. The company will arrange the third crewed trial flight of its VSS Unity spaceplane, which had been plagued to take off from Novel spaceport  America in Mexico Spaceport November (19) and November (23), because to roll of COVID-19 […]

admin November 12, 2020

Telesat, a Canadian satellite operator, revealed that it would be listing the companies it has selected to develop satellites to fill up its 298-satellite Telesat LEO constellation. The chief executive of Telesat, Dan Goldberg, explained that they are in the process of finalizing the launch contracts they were filling up with different commercial satellite manufacturers. […]

admin November 8, 2020

Almost every part of the world is transitioning towards electric vehicles to save the environment and cobalt climate change. Smithville is no exception, and the installation of an electric vehicle charging station on November 2 is a clear indication of the same. The location was its parking lot that is opposite the Love Cantrell Funeral […]

admin November 6, 2020

  Welding is a critical procedure in production, and the vital element is knowing how the atoms are put together to form a complete structure. Pre-pandemic research by the Center for Welding, Joining and Coatings Research of Colorado School of Mines, Tim Pickle and Ben Schneiderman, conducted at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge […]

admin November 1, 2020

A while ago, space exploration company Lockheed Martin announced its intentions to be the first company to use the newly proposed launchpad in Scotland.  The latest news shows that the company decided to shift its operations to an additional spaceport in Scotland.  This announcement comes two years after it released the initial information. According to […]