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Cirrhosis is scarring or fibrosis of the liver caused due to many types of liver diseases like chronic alcoholism and hepatitis. The liver carries out several functions, including detoxification of harmful substances body, cleaning the blood and making of the vital nutrients. Cirrhosis occurs in response to damage caused to your liver. Most common causes of Compensated liver cirrhosis are hepatitis B and C, diseases related to alcohol and NASH. Many chronic liver diseases develop gradually over time. The rate of progression of cirrhosis is usually slow in the early phases of the disease and then it accelerates after complications of cirrhosis arise. For the diagnosis of cirrhosis, liver biopsy is often required which provides information regarding the severity of the disease. Transient elastography (fibroscan) is a cost-effective technique for the screening of liver cirrhosis. Treatment for compensated cirrhosis should include treatment for HCV infection and can be treated by using direct antiviral agents. Diagnosis can be done by using esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had approved Mavyret (glecaprevir and pibrentasvir) tablets for an eight-week duration for the treatment of adults and children ages 12 years and older or weighing at least 99 pounds who have Compensated Cirrhosis. The FDA granted the approval of Mavyret to AbbVie Inc. on September 2019.

The major driving factors are the increased prevalence of the cirrhosis which may be the result of untreated hepatitis B and hepatitis C or may be due to some other factors like alcohol use disorder.  The emerging demand for Compensated Cirrhosis Type C treatment is extensively arising as the survival rate is relatively low. Liver cirrhosis is the end stage of chronic liver diseases and is often neglected until any signs and symptoms of the disease occur. Most of the patients with liver cancer have cirrhosis and prevalence of liver cancer was 5th among all cancers. A large number of deaths are caused by cirrhosis due to hepatitis can be avoided by the implementation of HBV immunization program.

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The compensated cirrhosis type C market is segmented based on drug type, route of administration, dosage form and distribution channel:

  • Compensated Cirrhosis Type C market Segmentation by Drug Type
    • Antagonist
      • Disulfiram
      • Naltrexone
      • Acamprosate
    • Antiviral Drugs
    • Corticosteroids
      • Prednisone
      • Azathioprine
    • Chelating Agents
      • Penicillamine
      • Trientine
      • Deferoxamine
    • Compensated Cirrhosis Type C market Segmentation by Route of Administration
      • Oral
      • Injectable
    • Compensated Cirrhosis Type C market Segmentation by Dosage Form
      • Solutions
      • Tablets
      • Syrup
      • Capsule
    • Compensated Cirrhosis Type C market Segmentation by Distribution Channel
      • Retail Pharmacy
      • Hospital Pharmacy
      • Online Pharmacy
      • Drug Store

Antiviral and antagonist drugs are most commonly prescribed drugs for the Compensated Cirrhosis Type C treatment. Compensated Cirrhosis Type C market is focused by all major manufacturers all around the world. Only four manufacturers have completed their Phase 2b clinical trial and launched a Phase 3 trial. This manufacturer includes Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Genfit, Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Allergan plc.

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Prevalence of Hepatitis C infection is approximately 1.3% in the United States according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Majority of the population remain asymptomatic till the onset of cirrhosis. Patients with compensated liver cirrhosis require treatment course for 12 weeks. Compensated Cirrhosis is the leading cause of death, the estimated number of deaths is 0.8 Million across the world according to the World Health Organization.  The number of death has been increased in Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, Oceania, Europe and Africa.  There is a growing prevalence of liver cirrhosis due to major risk factors. Hepatitis B and C are the major causes of cirrhosis. Asia and Africa have the highest prevalence according to the World Health Organization.

Some of the major key players competing in compensated cirrhosis type C market are Gilead Sciences, Inc., AbbVie Inc., Novartis International AG, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Novo Nordisk A/S, Eli Lilly and Company and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Sanofi S.A, Pfizer Inc., Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, and others.

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