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Automotive Sideshaft Market: Introduction

The primary function of an automotive sideshaft is to provide an active connection between the driving wheels and the engine, it also allows to generate different steering angles while accommodating the suspension movements. The isolation of vibration is also one of the prime function of the automotive sideshaft in a vehicle. The merit of a constant velocity joint is that it can transfer rotation through various angles without any variations in drive shaft speeds. An automotive sideshaft comprises of two constant velocity joints; a plunging joint situated at the gearbox end and a fixed joint situated near the wheel end which are connected by an interconnecting shaft.

Automotive Sideshaft market has grown rapidly over a period of time making the transfer of energy and movement from the vehicle engine to the wheels very comfortable and easy without the loss of power. Regular cleaning and servicing of the automotive sideshaft is imperative for every automobile and machine to ensure safe operation as well as proper functioning of the vehicles. Mostly used materials in the construction of automotive sideshaft are stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum, etc. Consumer has become very much focused about the safe, efficient, better and smooth transmission of power from the engine system and this is estimated to accelerate the global automotive sideshaft market. Increasing fuel prices has resulted in the growth of autonomous, fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles which is estimated to propel the growth of automotive sideshaft market. Most of the advanced and modern vehicles contain well organized network of safety system and drive shafts.

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Automotive Sideshaft Market dynamics:

Automotive sideshaft market is expected to grow over estimated period due to the increase in demand of automation coupled with the transmission without loss of power. Rise in demand of automotive axles has resulted in the growing requirement for automotive drive shafts in the global market. Manufacturer’s main preference is deployment of lightweight and compact connecting system which can be used for effective interconnection and smooth transmission. Safety and security is estimated to be one of the most prominent to driver for the automotive global sideshaft market. Automotive sideshaft are used in advanced safety systems which include effective transmission and steering of wheels at higher speeds. Due to the growth in number of heavy duty application automotive sideshaft global market is estimated to grow over estimated period. Introduction of heat resistant, light weight and high end materials is expected to drive the automotive sideshaft market over the forecast period. Shifting focus of manufacturers towards more advanced and technical version of automobile is further more estimated to boost the automotive sideshaft market. Durability and reliability affects the productivity and efficiency and this may act as a restraint for global automotive sideshaft market.

Automotive Sideshaft Market segmentation:

By type, Automotive Sideshaft market can be segmented as:

  • Rigid
  • Hollow

By application, Automotive Sideshaft market can be segmented as:

  • Rear
  • Front

By vehicle type in automobiles, Automotive Sideshaft market can be segmented as:

  • Passenger Car
    • Economic PC
    • Mid-Sized PC
    • Luxury PC
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • LCV
    • HCV

Automotive Sideshaft: Regional Outlook:

Asia Pacific is estimated to account for the prominent share of automotive sideshaft market due to the increase in production and demand of automobile in countries like China, Japan, ASEAN Countries and India. North America and Europe automotive sideshaft market is estimated to grow due to the strict automotive pollution control and safety norms in these regions. Infrastructural growth in Middle East and Africa is estimated to boost the automotive sideshaft market. Never ending demand for productive, reliable, cost effective, efficient automotive transmission system is estimated to propel the automotive sideshaft market.

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Automotive Sideshaft: Key Players

  • Ifa Rotorion – Holding GmbH
  • Trelleborg AB
  • Neapco Holdings LLC
  • NKN, Ltd.
  • Hyundai Wia Corporation
  • Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • GKN plc
  • NTN Corporation
  • Dana Incorporated
  • Nexteer Automotive Group
  • American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.