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The Global 3D Audio Market was valued at USD xx million in 2017 and is estimated to reach USD xx million by 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2025.
3D Audio Sound or 3D Sound perception is the capability of the human auditory system to locate sound in space and more widely, to be aware of the acoustic structure of its sur-rounding environment. It is the natural way we listen to the world. 3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. 3D audio frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. 3-D audio processing is the spatial domain convolution of sound waves using Head-related transfer functions.

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Market Dynamics:
From 360-degree film and virtual reality, to live events, home cinemas, and headphones, we are witnessing the start of an audio revolution that is changing the future of how we hear and listen. Realistic 3D soundscapes are quickly becoming a new requirement. 3D technolo-gy can be integrated into applications ranging from smartphones, gaming devices and TV sets to digital signage and in-vehicle infotainment systems. 3D vision has been long in de-mand and visual technologies already enjoying strong acceptance among industries and consumers, 3D audio has off late gained traction. The advent of 3D audio to the market is dictating changes in several stages of the audio production workflow, from recording sys-tems and microphone configurations to post-production methodologies and workstations, to playback loudspeaker configurations.

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In less than five years, 3D spatial audio is expected to revolutionize the standard for multi-media listening. Similar to how high-definition television has enhanced the everyday view-ing experience, the binaural 3D sound is expected to reshape the listening experience and redefine the production of music, movies, radio, and television programming.
Segment Analysis:
Binaural audio is far superior to the two-track stereo sound and easier to produce than Am-bisonics sound hence binaural audio dominates the market. Ambisonics has recently gained traction since YouTube, Oculus VR and Facebook adopted it as a standard for their 360-degree videos. Nowadays, Ambisonics has become a widely used 360-degree spatial audio standard in VR and 360 video use cases. Ambisonics is expected to be the fastest growing segment.
By product Type, 3D Audio market is segmented into Wired and wireless. Wireless segment is expected to grow fastest due to demand in consumer & defense applications.
By application, 3D Audio market is segmented into personal and commercial applications. The personal application includes a 3D headset, VR games. Commercially, 3D audio is widely utilized by the music industry, movie industry. Recently, 3D audio technology is being applied in the defense sector. On Nov. 5, 2018, US Air Force Materiel Command announced plans to award a sole-source contract to Danish defense contractor Terma for the purchase of that company’s Aircraft Audio Management System (AAMS). The commercial segment accounted for major market share.

Title: Global 3D Audio market Share, By application, 2017
Personal 40
Commercial 60

Geographical Analysis:
By region, Global 3D Audio Market is segmented into North America, South America, Asia-pacific, Europe, and Rest of the world. Asia-pacific accounted for major market share due to China, India. 3D audio is widely used in the movie industry in India. Due to the large popula-tion combined with significant per capita spending on consumer electronics, Asia-pacific ac-counted for major market share. China has multiple companies innovating in hardware and software solutions designed for both creating and consuming 3D Audio. Asia-pacific is also expected to grow at a rapid rate due to technological advances in China. North America accounted for the second largest market share due to innovation in High-end applications.

Title: Global 3D Audio market 2017 (by region)
North America 28
South America 9
Asia-pacific 34
Rest of the world 7

Key Players:
The important players in the Global 3D Audio Market are Qualcomm, Sennheiser, Terma A/S, Røde Microphones, Roland Corporation, DTS, Dolby Laboratories, Barco, Garmin Ltd., 3D Sound Labs, Waves Audio, Auro Technologies, and Hooke Audio.
In October 2018, SHIVR Announced Launch of Revolutionary Noise Cancelling 3D Wireless Headphones. In 2018, China’s AVS 3D Audio Task Group chose Fraunhofer IIS as the transmission audio codec solution provider for the upcoming 3D Audio standard that will be used in the country’s 4K UHD broadcast. In October 2018, Audeze, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of planar magnetic headphones, have launched Mobius, the first premium high-end, fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled headphone de-signed specifically for gamers.

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